Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Audio Guest Book?

Instead of guests writing their messages, wishes, or testimonials in a physical book, they record their voices, sharing personal messages, stories, and well-wishes for the host or couple.

An audio guest book provides a sensory-rich experience, allowing individuals to relive moments through sound, making memories more vivid and heartfelt

How Long Can Each Audio Message Be?

The duration of each audio message in an audio guest book is typically a few seconds or as lengthy as a few minutes. We will ensure there is sufficient storage to capture all the voice recordings of the day :)

Are Audio Guest Books Worth It?

It's definitely worth it!

They serve as a unique way to preserve memories of the wedding, capturing the voices of your loved ones on an important day, and will be cherished for years to come.

What Do You Say In An Audio Guestbook?

In an audio guestbook, you can share heartfelt messages, anecdotes, or well-wishes, similar to what you might write in a traditional guestbook, but with the added nuance of voice.

How Does Audio Guest Book Work?

To use an audio guest book, guests approach our audio guest book booth and record their personal voice messages. These recordings are digitally saved with timestamps and any provided guest details. After the event, the host can access, organize, and share these heartfelt audio messages via Google Drive link